Saturday, October 16, 2010

Books & Some Nutrition in Maarhi Shehr, Mianwali District.

Text and photos Fauzia Minallah

It took us five hours and 30 minutes to reach Maarhi Shehr in Mianwali District from Islamabad in car. Rugged treeless mountains and salt covered fields welcomed us when we approached Maarhi. It is was in this desolate town that Idara-i-Taleemo Agehi had organised a book reading session at the Girls Primary School. There were 190 little girls from ages 5 to12years and 10 children from the healing center of ITA for flood affected children.

This Primary school had only 2 teachers for nearly 190 girls. But I was thoroughly impressed by these little girls with bright eyes. I asked them if they liked reading and all of them said 'Yes'.One by one they read a page from 'Sadako's Prayer'. I asked them questions about the book and they enthusiastically answered. Thanks to the young members of the Beaconhouse Community Services I distributed milk and bananas among the children. I have always noticed that whenever girls are given milk they instinctively keep it in their schoolbags to take it home for their mothers to make tea or give it to their brothers. How these little girls are conditioned at such an early age to sacrifice for others. I always have to remind them that the milk is for them and that they should finish it so that we can make flowers from the milk pack.

Milk and bananas donated by the young students of the Beaconhouse Community Services.

Time to recycle! Tayba a Funkor volunteer teaching them how to make flowers from milk packs.

Cleaning up after the activity.
Copyright Funkor Childart Center
Report by Riffat of ITA.

Dated: Thursday 14th October 2010

Venue: Govt. Primary School Old Mari City

Facilitator: Muhammad Rafique in Mian Wali

Participants: Miss Fauzia Aziz Minnallah along with two volunteers, Rafaqat Ali Shah


Miss Fauzia Aziz visited; one of the Govt. School in Mian Wali where students of ITA’s sponsored Learning & Healing Center along with other flood victims students participated. Ms. Fauzia distributed 200 milk packs and bananas among the students. After that she taught to student that how to utilize empty milk pack box and turn into a beautiful flower. The student made different kinds of flowers (by recycling the box).

She also had a reading session of her book i.e. “SADAKO KI DUA” ( Sadako Prayer), which children really enjoyed and were eager to read.

Last but not the least throughout this process Mr. Muhammad Rafique facilitated & arranged everything.

Sadako's Prayer in Rumbur Valley, Chitral.

Photos courtesy Akiko Wada.
On the occasion of International Teacher's Day, October 2010,  Rumbur Development Welfare & Conservation Society organised book reading session in their Resource Center in the remote Kalash village Rumbur in Chitral. One volunteer of RDWCS read the Sadako's Prayer in Kalasha language while the other hel the book for children to look at the pictures. At the end of the session 25 books were distributed among children and 5 were kept for the library at the resource center.  

Sadako's Prayer in Relief Camp Earthquake Victims, Muzaffarabad.

In October, 2006, Fauzia read 'Sadako's Prayer' at the relief camp for earthquake victims at Muzaffarabad.  The book reading session was organised by the ANT, Hiroshima organised the book reading session. 200 books of Sadako's Prayer were distributed among children.